Candy, wine, jewelry, flowers. What do all of these things have in common? They are all better received Mother’s Day gifts than any form of kitchen appliance. That’s right kids; mom doesn’t want a new tool to help her wait on you faster. Well, maybe she wants the tool, but not on Mother’s Day, which will be here next Sunday. On a day named after her, let’s go the “we appreciate you” route.

So how do we show appreciation? You know your mother (or grandmother, mother-in-law, sister who raised you, woman raising your kids, etc.) well enough to know what you share that makes your relationship unique. Whether she is a fragile flower or a prickly pear, something bonds you to her and that’s what will mean the most next weekend.

Does your mom run? Maybe you can find a short race to enter together. There are Mother’s Day runs all over the map. Or, if entrance fees are too high this year, plan a new route and run it together.

Maybe you are like us and in no shape to take on that eight-minute mile. That’s OK. We have dinner, a movie, or, with Studio Movie Grill, dinner-in-a-movie options around here. Fair warning, though: chick flicks tend to sell out fast, so unless you share a love of sci-fi or horror, arrive early.

FlowersIf you live out of state, flowers and a card are always appreciated. But if your mom is allergic to flowers, think about her personality. Would a donation to a shelter where she volunteers be more appropriate? Maybe pictures from someplace you went together?

And let’s not forget the simple phone call. Many of us who spend the week on the phone with clients or setting up business meetings might not think twice about making a call. But for someone who hasn’t seen the person she raised in a while, that call might be the highlight of her day. And it might turn out to be the highlight of yours as well.

All of this is not to say that a nice charm for her bracelet and breakfast in bed are not enough. Either one of those is wonderful on its own if that’s the kind of relationship you share. The point is not to “throw money at it,” as one friend says. This is your chance show appreciation for the person (or people) you consider mom, no matter how unconventional that relationship may seem.

Until next we meet, enjoy great food and keep a happy heart.

Come back next Sunday for another ride through cattle country.