The Vegetarian In Cattle Country (VICC) Project is intended to be a one-year engagement bringing visitors information about vegetarian options in the greater Dallas, TX area. Check in on Sundays for restaurant reviews, shopping tips and new finds in the area.

Why Sundays? Well, there’s something wholesome about Sunday dinner with the family and we feel the vegetarian community shares something akin to family. So while we may not eat at the same table, we can at least exchange some information.

And exchange is exactly what we mean. Each week will bring a new post, but we’d also love to hear your suggestions. If you know of a great place to go or you have a recipe you simply must share, send us an e-mail and we’ll do our best to include your thoughts for the rest of the community. Keep in mind that anything you send us may be posted on the VICC Project blog, site, FaceBook page, tweetstream and/or any other outlet we concoct. And we source what we post, so only send original thoughts and items you have a right to share with the world.

Until we hear from you, we wish you great food and a happy heart.

See y’all Sunday!