We talk about lunch and dinner all the time, but breakfast can be a fun meal for vegetarians. From breads to souffles to frittatas, morning meals are definitely among our favorites. Maybe it’s the eggs, or perhaps the ability to incorporate almost anything from the fridge into the meal, but we love the days we can have a good meal when we get up.

We’re not saying cereal and toaster pastries are beneath us, and we’ve had our fair share of bagels in the car on the way to work, but when we have the time, a little while in the kitchen is the highlight of our day. There’s just something about walking to the fridge with no plan, pulling out some eggs and butter, then just looking to see what we can find. Since we don’t eat bacon, our options are expansive.

Frittatas, for instance, are super simple and delicious. Scramble some eggs, toss them into an oven-proof skillet (coated with butter, of course) and see what’s left in the refrigerator. Cheese is good, but how about leftover carrots, fresh zucchini, and maybe some vegetarian chili? Umm. Yum! Empty the containers onto the frittata just as the eggs begin to set on the bottom and move the entire skillet into a preheated oven for a few minutes. Presto, blamo, you have an awesome breakfast. Add a little cheese over the top, or maybe some salsa for a bit more flash.

If one dish does not offer enough variety, run with potatoes. Relatively cheap and extremely versatile, those are huge favorites of ours because they go with pretty much everything. Through trial and error, we’ve discovered our version of the perfect hash browns. Because we’ve never written any of this down, we’ll go through it as we normally make them, but remember that ours turn out a little different every time. First, heat some oil – we use olive, but if you use grape or peanut be sure to watch it for smoking – in a skillet. While that heats, take a couple of potatoes and peel them. (Yes, the skins are good for you, but we just like our potatoes naked.) Once peeled and eyes are removed, cube the potatoes into small (maybe a third to a fourth of an inch?) squares. Toss them into the skillet and cut a sweet onion into similar sized pieces. Throw the onion into the skillet and give it a good shake to blend the two ingredients, coating them in the oil. Smash a couple of large garlic cloves and toss them in, then shake the skillet again. Move the ingredients periodically so they don’t burn, but let them sit long enough to start to crisp. As the potatoes begin to turn brown just around the edges, toss in some dried Mediterranean basil. Actually, toss in a bunch of this stuff because it makes them amazing. Add a little salt and a couple of turns of back pepper and keep an eye on everything until the potatoes finish cooking.

The fun of a leisurely breakfast lies in the creative process, so go nuts with whatever you find in the fridge and let us know how it turns out. We love new recipes, so share ‘em loud and share ‘em proud.

Until next we meet, enjoy great food and keep a happy heart.

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